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Are you passionate about modelling, acting, singing, dancing, presenting or just winning? Do you want to network with right people, start working in the area of your passion, enhance your personality, and develop leadership skills? Meet with the expert! Saaish Shhetey - a thoroughly experienced professional coach.

Saaish Shhetey believes that any talent if harnessed and trained in the right direction, can shine across all the surly bonds of fame and achieve great heights.

He targets to identity those unique and hidden skills in each individual and then focuses on their growth and development. He has helped several individuals and artists, identify and enhance their own unique signature style.

Workshops & Seminars

Acting Coach

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Catwalk and Runway Coach

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Pageant Coach

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Pageant Intensive with Saaish

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About your acting and catwalk session, the most important thing which I liked was how to play with your mind whether to feel your brain or calm it or focus it, it’s all in your hand. You showed us all the tricks to balance your thought. ANAMIKA PATIL

You think of an acting workshop..... And your imagination might run through understanding and practising some expressions and acting out situations or playing a role! But this was way beyond that!ARCHANA MALU TAPURIA

To be honest, of all the sessions I have ever had, the most that I have enjoyed is the acting session by our pageant coach Saaish Shhetey. It has been one of the best sessions, he taught us various voice modulation techniquesCHITRA TRIPATHI

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